As the Holidays come closer, the emptiness seems to grow
What I'm really going through, No one seems to know

How can I be happy and celebrate this time?
When you seem to be the only thing that is always on my mind

Thanksgiving will be different, there will be an empty chair
And there won't be the same laughter, we would hear if you were there

I'll go spend time with family, and put on my best happy face
But inside my heart will be breaking, when I see that empty space

Christmas really scares me, I wish it would pass me by
How can I celebrate the Holidays, when all I can do is ask God why?

Christmas morning will be so different. Who will be here bright and early to wake me?
And how can I open presents all alone under the tree?

There's only one thing I'm asking for, one thing on my list this year
To share the Holidays and laugh with you, instead of shedding tears

I'm trying so hard to get through this, trying hard to go on
But the days keep getting harder, I don't know if I'm that strong

I'm afraid of the thought of forgetting you, Iím afraid I won't remember
All the laughter and fun we shared, all our special times together

I'm afraid of being by myself. I've gotten so used to having you around
The day you became an angel, my whole world turned upside down

I wish I could have had one last hour, one last chance to let you know
How much you really mean to me, how much I don't want to let you go

Written By
Nicole Rudolph
In Memory of my brother Dino
Copyright ©2004

Midi ~ O Holy Night