She remembers when they were younger, when Christmas meant nothing but toys
They would race to the tree and see two piles of gifts, one for a girl and one for a boy

Now all of that is different, one pile is all she sees
It breaks her heart when she says to herself, that one pile is for me

This little girl inside me, her Christmas is destroyed
She knows there are some gifts for her, but where are the gifts for the boy?

Why isn't he spending his Christmas with her? Why did he have to go?
He took with him all of her laughter, he left her here all alone

She doesn't want her presents, she wants to stop feeling so sad
Spending her Christmas without him, she realizes he's the best gift she ever had

Christmas has lost its meaning, there's no happiness or joy in it
She'd gladly give up everything she has, just to see the boy for one more minute

This little girl inside me is slowly falling apart
She's struggling to enjoy her Christmas, through the happy memories in her heart

She no longer has her best friend beside her, but he's helping to keep her strong
He's holding her hand and helping her through, for the road she will travel is long

He's her Christmas angel on her shoulder, comforting her and drying her tears
He's bringing her happy memories and driving away her fears

She knows this is a special gift, not one that many receive
The only Christmas angel other people have, is the one they place on their tree

The special thing about her Christmas angel, is that he is like no other
He knows her better than anyone else, because he is her brother

So to her Christmas angel. this message she would like to send
Merry Christmas and I love you, my brother, my angel, my friend

written by Nicole Rudolph
December 21, 2003
Copyright 2003


Created by Dino's mom ~ Michele

Midi ~ Adeste