I never intended to leave you so alone, when I went away
But when God put out his hand, I wasn't able to stay
I may not have said how much you were loved
I wish I could tell you from my home, here up above

I wanted to talk and ease your mind in some way
To tell you I'll think of you, each and everyday
Maybe I can give your heart a special lift
As I give to you, my most precious gifts

I'll wash away your pain, with springtime showers
Replacing it with the sweet aroma, of summer flowers
I will be your rainbow of color in the leaves of fall
I will glisten and sparkle in the winter snow, as it blankets all

With the sunshine, moon, and stars so bright
I will be watching over you, day and night
You will hear my voice as the birds' sing
Know that I am near, when you see orange butterfly wings

I will send to you, with love from heaven
Simple signs, referencing number eleven
We are mom and dads' gifts to each other
And we will forever be, sister and brother

As I give these gifts to you, to carry in your heart
You will always know, we are never far apart
So when your heart is breaking and your eyes filled with tears
Remember our cherished memories and secrets we shared

You will continue to go through life, doing what you need to do
Remembering I am here, and that someday God will bring me to you
Nicole, my beautiful sister, remember you make me proud
From your loving brother Dino, who watches from the clouds

Written by Michele Rudolph
For my daughter Nicole, In memory of her brother Dino
September 22, 2002
Copyright 2002