When your young, times come and go.
People seem to pass by with such a nice flow.
But there is always one man that leaves a special place in your heart.
Some are first loves, others are high school sweethearts, and even one’s that do something so little such as a hug

I would like to share a story from my heart, about a man who was my first true love,
my high school sweetheart, and had touched my heart like no other.

I shared some great memories, like when we’d joke around or just laid together
This man was a joker like no other, we loved to pick on each other
It was a special kind of bond like a friendship, but with stronger feelings
We had some little disagreements, but one of us would always admit we were wrong.
Then always ended up back together, even if we weren’t really together
But after these times, I soon realized these were the best times of my life

I went on family vacations, which were awesome,
We had so much fun on the way there and back, even something as simple as camping, we always had fun together.
As long as I was with Dino, I loved whatever we were doing.
Long rides in the Dodge Daytona, singing songs, holding hands, hanging out with friends.
I miss it all

My favorite moment was when he said he loves me, that’s something that changes a girl’s life forever
Especially when the man is completely sincere and you know they mean it.
We had spent so much time together even though it was so short.
I shared homecomings, a prom, and our favorite…Halloween, with Dino.
I can honestly say there were the best I ever had.

I was drawn to him one way or another,
whether it was through his actions, his charm,
his smile, his grin, his compassion.

I loved him and still do,
because when I’m asleep all these memories come to life and happen all over again.
I know that someday, I won’t wake up and I will have this life again in heaven with Dino.

By: Kristin Watson
In Loving Memory of Dino Michael Rudolph



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