Of My Brother Dino

I think of that night and wonder what went through your mind.
Did you have any idea that it was the end of your time?

Everyone says it will get easier and anything I need they'll do,
but they can't give me what I want and that dear brother is you.

Dean, I wish you knew how much I miss you and how much I really do care.
I wish I could have told you all of this while you were here.

Everyday is different now, my life forever changed.
Who would have thought in just one night my whole world would rearrange?

Dino you will never be forgotten and I know you'll always be loved.
Until the day I see you again in your new home up above.

It seems like only yesterday you came rushing through the door, to see me
before I went back to school like you've been doing for months before.

I'd give anything for you to hug me before I left and give me that joker's grin.
To hear you say "Have fun at school Nik, I'll see ya next weekend when you get in."

We had so many plans for the future, you'd be starting college and we'd be at the same school.
We'd be going out and having fun, but telling Mom and Dad we followed all the rules!

It's still so hard for me to think that when I go back to school in the fall,
I won't have you there with me. You won't be there to answer all my late night calls.

I know that in some way you will be coming down to school with me.
But not in the way I want you to, you won't be there for me to see.

It seems like only yesterday we talked about the years to start.
Never thinking that in one single night our plans would fall apart.

I Luv ya buddy and I'll never forget you!

Nicole Rudolph
June 28, 2002
Copyright 2002

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