Dino Michael Rudolph Scholarship


When Dino was a senior in high school, he lost his life in an accident.
We wanted to do something in his memory.
Starting with his graduating class of 2002, we decided to give a scholarship in his name, to a graduating senior.

The criteria for his scholarship was based on the following:

The student must be graduating from Blacklick Valley High School and be accepted to a college or another school to further their education.

The student must portray the same qualities that teachers saw in Dino...Cooperation, Friendship and Service towards fellow classmates

When the scholarship was first started the student received $500.00. Thanks to the continued support, family donations, and success of the 3 on 3 Memorial Basketball tournament, in 2009, the scholarships being awarded were increased to $1,000.00 for each student.

2002 Award Winner (pictured here with Dino)

~Scott Keilman~

2003 Award Winner

~Justin Hensal~

2004 Award Winner

~Kayla Bowden~

2005 Award Winner

~Amanda Malcotti~

2006 Award Winners

~Brittany Watson~
~Brad Weimer~

2007 Award Winners

~Nicholas Becker~
~Paige George~

2008 Award Winners

~Kayla Behory~
~Nick Mackanick~

2009 Award Winners

~Brooke Litzinger~
~Matt Vanfossen~

2010 Award Winners

~Tyler McEvoy~
~Maria Younkin~

2011 Award Winners

~Nolan Alexander~
~Michael Stefanick~

2012 Award Winners

~Terick Baxter~
~Zachary Hegedus~

2013 Award Winners

~Rebecca Gongloff~
~Jessica Simmons~

2014 Award Winners

~Cory Campbell~
~Nicole Skubik~

2015 Award Winners

~Luke Galko~
~Tyler Hegedus~

2016 Award Winners

~Bailey Rhoades~
~Nathan Smith~

2017 Award Winners

~Anthony Cornetti~
~Drew Warynovich~

2018 Award Winners

~Derek Kisic~
~Erik Napolitano~

2019 Award Winners

~Jessica King~
~Hannah Melius~

2020 Award Winner

~To Be Announced~

An annual 3 on 3 memorial basketball tournament and family contributions help to fund the scholarship. Thank you to our family and friends for their love, support and help to continue this scholarship in Dino's memory.


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