Dino's Story

Dino was 18 years old when he became one of Gods' precious angels. He was trying to fix a water leak in the basement of his girlfriends' house. He was electrocuted. He was a senior in high school and had his future ahead of him.

He was a very special young man. He made us very proud, and would get excited over the simplest things. He accepted everything life had offered him, and made the best of it. He was always there to lend a hand or to comfort you.

He attended Blacklick Valley High School, was captain of the basketball team, president of the high school service team, belonged to the track team, ski club, interact club, varsity club, student council, and weightlifting.

He had started working 4 days before he became an angel and had just been accepted at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and was going to major in criminology.

Dino loved sports, playing T-ball, little league, midget football and basketball. His passion was basketball. He wasn't a very big guy, quite small growing up, but that didn't stop him. He made up for his size with his quickness and his love for the game. He played every game as if it were his last, putting every bit of his energy and love into the game.

Dino wasn't afraid to be himself…He dressed in a tuxedo on Valentines Day, during his junior year, and went to school passing out flowers to various girls, even gave one to the principal and his grandmother who works there. One day he found some old clothes of his dad's in the attic and dressed up in them and rode around in his little red Dodge Daytona just for fun. He also dressed in an old white leisure suit, wore a big Afro wig and went to school. He didn't care what people thought of all of that, he just enjoyed life.

Dino wasn't the type of person to judge you by the way you looked or if you were popular among others. He would be the first one to become your friend if you were different or quiet…always making it important to talk to those who had trouble making friends. He also talked to a lot of people in our community, young and old.

Dino showed compassion to others..especially to all of his family. He was a softhearted young man, who wasn't afraid to tell you he loved you or embarrassed to give you a kiss and a hug in public.

As we look at the short 18 years that he blessed our lives, we are proud of all the accomplishments he made and the impact he had on others, young and old. He lived his life to the fullest and will be loved and remembered always.

As Dino always said…"Luv Ya"

If we could have one lifetime wish,
One dream that would come true...
We would pray to God with all our hearts
for yesterday and you.

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